Ian Duncan Smith’s speech on welfare

I don't normally cover political stuff that doesn't have a procurement angle, but I do commend the speech Ian Duncan Smith's made today if you have any interest in politics, or issues such as social justice, employment or poverty.

There were two powerful points that should make us all think.

1. Is it right that the state should pay people not to work if there are jobs available and suitable for them?  You don't have to be a raving fascist to say 'no'.  I am sure both my Grandfathers ( a miner, working underground - unbelievably,  for 51 years from the age of 14;  and a farm labourer) would have said that, whatever their political allegiance.

2. Is it right that some people on benefits are hit with a marginal tax rate of 95% (or even more) when they go into a job?  How would we in the managerial class feel if we were told, "congratulations Peter, you've got that promotion - but you'll be worse off now"?

So any policy that addresses these things must be good, and I thought Duncan Smith's speech was absolutely spot on.  Now all he has to do is get it through Treasury (remember Frank Field?)

Good luck Ian.

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