IBM Procurement Resource Center – visit this cornucopia of useful IP

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a new banner appeared here a couple of weeks back, over there to the right of this article. It says, “Rethink Procurement - Visit the IBM procurement resource center”.

Now some of you will immediately be thinking “why can’t they spell centre properly”? But others might, we hope, be tempted to click to see what it is all about. And what you will find is an extensive range of procurement ‘IP ’ (intellectual property), provided of course by IBM.

It’s presented in pretty digestible form, with lots of short videos, recorded webinars and interviews, rather than long written reports. For instance, I liked the two-minute ‘meet the expert’ Procurement Optimisation summary from Sean Correll of IBM, a useful succinct introduction to the topic.

It was also good to see an old friend, Caroline Booth, on video at least, previously CPO at Lloyds TSB Bank in the UK, now at TD Bank Group in Canada. And she’s got a nice office by the look of the video! (I also had no idea that they’re now the sixth largest bank in the US, by the way).  She’s one of a number of clients speaking about procurement on the site as well as the IBM experts.

There’s also some good informative stuff about Telecom Expense Management (TEM), which IBM got into  through its acquisition of Emptoris, which had itself recently acquired TEM provider Rivermine a couple of years previously. That’s an area we haven’t written about for a while, but it really is something that any business should consider if you’re not already looking at it, particularly large and / or international organisations. Telecom is such a complex area in terms of technology, asset management, commercial and pricing issues, and so on. Getting some useful systems to support that is vital if you want to maximise value from that spend category – it really isn’t something you can do properly on an Excel spreadsheet.

My browsing around the site also took in a webinar around the 2013 CPO Study Results – a report we featured here a while back. It features Philip Duncan, another old acquaintance, who at the time of the webinar was CPO of Novartis. He’s now CPO at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Japan’s largest Pharma firm, by the way – must admit I didn’t know that.

Anyway, do take a few minutes to have a look at what’s available on the IBM site – I suspect there will be something of value to pretty much anyone.

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  1. Dave Orr:

    Errata above – Make that £192m of claimed savings…….

  2. Dave Orr:

    South West One in Somerset (85% IBM owned) is not living up to the claims and hyperbole on this IBM procurement web site.

    IBM/South West One savings and a related case study are not shown here! Why is that? I think we now why:

    I will be getting the latest ACTUAL procurement savings made in 2013/14 by IBM/South West One from the Somerset County Council Audit committee later this month and will report back how far short of the claimed £192m of savings that IBM/South West One are.

    Spend Matters needs to be careful that commercial sponsorship doesn’t affect impartiality i.e. it cannot all just be “good news marketing”, as case studies of “what went wrong” can be just as, if not more, informative. (David, I agree and we can’t really be accused of not featuring some of those too! But we try to get a balance and equally, it would be wrong to think a firm can never do anything good because of mistakes it might sometimes make. The editor)


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