“iBuy — and I get paid for it” — A Clever CIPS Initiative for Wannabe Buyers

We’ve been looking at the iBuy website, a CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) initiative to tempt young people into procurement as a career. And our conclusion is – it’s very good! The site’s main tagline is iBuy – and I get paid for it! Probably the most effective way to get young, keen ears pricked.

The site is simple, bright, easy to navigate and has no fluff. It tells a young person exactly what to expect: whether they want to get university-qualified first or would prefer on-the-job training; it gives them a pathway.

  • It explains clearly and simply the various qualifications needed to get into buying, and how to get them – and it doesn’t all hinge on university degrees.
  • It explains what the top skills are for junior buyers: so, communication, organisational, numeric skills.
  • It gives advice on how to get a job, with examples of CVs, and top tips from senior procurement professionals.

The site clearly has a wealth of material – all very relevant to anyone wanting to get into buying or simply thinking about their options.

Which made us think – there must be plenty of young people interested in careers in certain industries, who don’t have the inclination to be, for example, a model in the fashion industry, but loves the fashion world; an interior designer, but loves textiles and decorating; a top chef, but loves being involved in catering; a pilot, but is interested in flying and the airways. Buying is a credible, professional alternative, with great prospects, that gets you into the industry you are interested in. Train to be a buyer for a fashion house or retail outlet like Hollister or Jack Wills, a buyer for Habitat or John Lewis, a buyer for an FMCG company, hotel or restaurant chain, or a buyer for just about anything at Heathrow or Manchester Airport Group. The list goes on.

There’s a ton of resources on the site, like packs for spreading the word in schools and colleges, career advice, and so on. And it gives some neat case studies on young individuals who have taken the step into junior buying in a variety of industries: there’s Michael, commodity buying for tyres for Jaguar Land Rover, there’s Bethan, technical buyer for engine parts for Carnival cruise ships, or Emma, category buyer for Whitbread buying eggs for Premier Inn – it’s an impressive and long list of various roles in many industries; is there anywhere procurement doesn’t touch?

Anyway – something positive for us to report on about CIPS for a change – well done! And I’ve passed the link onto a friend, whose two daughters are still deciding what to do: one having just graduated in marketing, the other, not keen on Uni but would love to train in the interior design world. So do take a look if you are deciding on your first career path or even wanting to change a current career. The site is here.

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