Icertis Webinar – Cloud Contract Management To Release Rapid Value

Last week we participated in a webinar with Icertis, the contract lifecycle management (CLM) cloud solution provider. It was titled  “Accelerating Time to Value with Icertis Contract Management”, and really it provided an overview of CLM thinking, the latest technology developments and the benefits that can be obtained through a structured approach to CLM.

I kicked off with some general thoughts about contract management, why it is important and how managing risks and opportunities sits at the heart of effective CLM. I then moved on to some thoughts on what to look for when you are choosing a contract management / CLM system or platform. In effect, I gave a list of the “evaluation criteria” I would use if I was running a structured selection process to choose a provider.

Then we had Thomas Titze from Microsoft Azure, who spoke both as a partner to Icertis (which runs on the Azure cloud computing platform) and as a user of the product. He talked about Azure, which I suspect many of us are not very familiar with, looked at the way businesses are “going digital” and gave a good explanation of the growth of “the cloud”. We tend to take it for granted now but it is good to understand the issues and benefits (such as speed of implementation / time to value and scalability) properly.

Security is another key issue – a  little boring perhaps, but we all know what happens when something goes wrong with data security or related issues! He touched on GDPR too, which we will all hear a lot about in the next year or two. Interestingly, the quick audience poll we did suggested functionality is a bigger issue than security in terms of selecting a cloud provider. That may be because users and buyers increasingly take that security for granted and assume all reputable providers will have good processes and safeguards.

Finally, Martin Mohr, European GM for Icertis, took us back to the heart of CLM thinking, talking about how contracts are “foundational for the Enterprise”. Across various functions, from procurement to finance, legal to sales, contracts sit at the heart of many business processes and activities.  He also gave what I thought was a very useful “contract management maturity model” – the different stages in terms of what can be achieved through the journey to greater CLM competence.

He finished with some brief case studies of Icertis clients, including Daimler AG, which has applied it across a supply base of no less than 400,000 suppliers!  (Yes, I did wonder if I could sell them some supplier rationalisation consulting services …)

Anyway, you can listen to and watch the webinar now on demand here. Unfortunately we ran out of time to answer all the questions we had come in from delegates, so I’ll be back with those in a further post shortly.

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