Surrender? Only to Cheap Trick, not to economic gloom!

OK - we couldn't leave you for the weekend with that blast of gloom from Paul Mason (our previous post), although facing up to the worst is an essential part of preparing to beat whatever life can throw at us...

And we should count ourslves lucky - procurement is better placed than pretty much any other area to both thrive and make vital contributions when times are tough.

Because the only other option really is to SURRENDER....

And, when it sounds as exciting, sexy and euphoric as Cheap Trick made it sound in 1978, it is tempting. One of my all time favourite records. (Performing it - playing bass and singing backing vocals, during "my" band's one and only live performance was one of the highlights of my life. We played it slightly faster than Cheap Trick. But less competently.)

Cheap Trick were also the loudest band I ever saw live. They came and played a 500 capacity lecture theatre when I was at Uni having just come off a tour of 5,000+ capacity US basketball arenas. And I swear they kept the amps at the same setting. My best friend, a metal fan and experienced concert goer, left after 30 minutes crying, "My ear! My ears!" I stuck it out. What's that you say? Sorry, I'm a bit deaf....

But what a track. Notice the unique key change just before the vocals start! Crazy...

Have a good weekend - November music review tomorrow.

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  1. David Atkinson:

    How’s this for a sequence that sums up these troubled times?

    The REALITY….Youngstown

    The DEFIANCE….Badlands

    The HOPE….Land of Hope and Dreams The greatest scream in rock music at 8.15

    Have you got your tickets for next summer yet?

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