IIAPS workshop; Professor Cox and PWC impress

There have been a few good things about being somewhat less busy than usual (thank you Messrs Cameron, Maude, Alexander....)  I've seen more of the World Cup than I thought I might, and I've had the chance to catch up on a few events and meetings I would have struggled with in busier times.

So last week I went to a half-day session run by the new International Institute of Advanced Purchasing and Supply.  I wrote briefly about them here, but this gave me the chance to look much more closely at what Professor Andrew Cox and his colleagues are doing. I came away with three key thoughts.

1.  The quality of the material (the core education material and the benchmarking and competence assessment processes that sit alongside) is very high. And the delivery methods, virtually all Web based, makes classroom based education look a little last century.

2. IIAPS is looking to attract and create an 'elite' procurement club.  Accreditation is rigorous (some might say more rigorous than CIPS or ISM); but at the moment, the education offering  is not a competitor for the CIPS products up to Graduate Diploma (level 6).  Indeed, the expectation is that most entrants to the IIAPS green / red / black belt programme will be MCIPS already.  However, the benchmarking / competence assessment products are more directly competitive to CIPS products.

3. I'm not sure still where the funding has come from for this, but there is clearly some serious support there; it is certainly not an Andrew Cox one man band!   PWC have thrown their weight behind it; there was a brief but impressive presentation from Bernhard Raschke, their lead partner for procurement in the UK.  The IIAPS Advisory  Board is pretty impressive as well; a lot of big company CPOs on that list.

It is certainly interesting and impressive, but is it a game-changer?  It might just be, but probably not as long as it focuses purely on the post-graduate level sector of the market, although it is a significant development.  But if IIAPS ever decides to take on the 'core' MCIPS and CPSM education products, then things could get very interesting.

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