In Case You Missed It … Procurement and Supply Market Roundup

In Case You Missed It … Procurement and Supply Market Roundup

We can't comment on every press release that hits our desks, but here are a few market news stories this week that we thought we should bring to your attention, and some of our own you may have missed - we may have more from our analysts in the coming days  ...

Bloom Procurement Services Wants a New COO

We note that Newcastle-based Bloom Procurement Services, the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPRO professional services solution, on behalf of NEPO (North East Procurement Organisation), has an opportunity for a Chief Operating Officer, to lead and direct its operations function. There's more about the role on LinkedIn, see that here.

The CPO's Conundrum - Excellent Series on Spend Matters PRO

In this Spend Matters PRO series our analyst examines the roots and resulting challenges of the CPO’s conundrum - aka their top concern now and over the coming decade. In the introduction to the series, he discusses the current items on the CPO agenda, and the outside-in forces that are most notably shaping it. The series goes on to explore overarching issues for the CPO agenda, including CSR and sustainability, digital business strategy, political and economic instability, and regulatory risk. Access that here.

Procurement Recruitment Challenges Research

Procurement Recruitment Specialst firm Edbury Daley is undertaking some further research to help them get even better at matching the right talent with the right role. They are running a very short questionnaire, the results of which they will share with participants, so if you have a minute or two, do help them by completing the survey - here.

Government Seeks Feedback for £250M Clean Steel Fund

The UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has issued a call for evidence to help inform a planned £250 million Clean Steel Fund. It is looking for supporting evidence to help develop the detailed design of the fund, including barriers to realising clean steel ambitions, and the opportunities to be gained in overcoming them. See more here.

Ready or Not, Here They Come: How Tariffs Will Wreak Havoc on Your Supply Chain (And What to Do)

Independent spend management firm Jaggaer is hosting a webinar on the impact of tariffs on global manufacturing, to give actionable strategies for mitigating risk while maintaining profitability. Read more here.


Procurement Analyst Interviews

We thought it was about time our readers got to know our procurement analysts better to understand who is behind our vendor and tech research and analysis. Here are our first five podcasts in a series of interviews.

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 1 - An Interview with Nick Heinzmann

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 2 – An Interview with Andrew Karpie

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 3 – An Interview with Jason Busch

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 4 – An Interview with Jenny Draper

The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 5 – An Interview with Pierre Mitchell

And in other news ...

Basware enters the Danish SKI Framework Agreement

Association of American Medical Colleges Chooses SMART by GEP® sourcing, contract and supplier management

Novo-K Procurement Solutions has Developed a Glossary of Procurement Terminology

Global Business Travel Giant CWT Appoint Its First Chief Procurement Officer

TfL accused of 'manifestly erroneous' assessment of Silvertown bids

Avetta Wins International Gold Stevie® and Named One of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners

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