In Case You Missed It … Procurement and Supply News Roundup

We can't comment on every press release that hits our desks, but here are a few market news stories this week that we thought we should bring to your attention, and some of our own you may have missed.

10 Theories on Procurement Technology Venture Stage Investment 

Jason Busch begins his series of columns (scheduled throughout the rest of this summer) where he shares 10 theories that he believes will drive investments in earlier-stage (angel/seed and Series A/B) start-ups in the procurement technology market. The first starts with automation, as a stand-alone criteria for technology investment, and gives examples of seed and venture-stage companies that illustrate this. Read more here.  The second is on B2B marketplaces, read that here.

Social Enterprise UK new report

The State of Social Enterprise Report is a comprehensive research report undertaken into the state of the sector. It shows that social enterprises in the UK are thriving, outperforming their mainstream SME counterparts in nearly every area of business: turnover growth, workforce growth, job creation, innovation, business optimism, and start-up rates. See more here to download the report.

Procurement KPIs Series – what every CPO should know

In our new series (Pro subscription required) our analysts highlight some of the foundational measurements for procurement pros and the problems of traditional procurement key performance indicators in terms of how they can be incomplete, misleading and even damaging to a value chain transformation. Read about the ‘Keys’ that unlock the value of spend and supply management, obsolete KPIs, and keeping as much spend under management as possible here.

In other news ...

eWorld Procurement & Supply moves to 4th March 2021 due to Covid-19

The pandemic has complicated the WMS procurement process

EFRA report slams government’s slow response to food supply chain coronavirus threat

The supplier data quality dilemma – new report

Business Sustainability Risk & Performance Index analyses supply chain sustainability performance of 40,000+ companies 2015-2019

Q&A: ‘Unless procurement takes a different view to management of services spend, it will continue to be difficult to get it right’

COVID-19 Resources: a guide for sourcing, procurement and workforce management

$300bn transportation & logistics industry still in infancy of digital transformation - report

Coupa latest product developments

GEP adds AI-backed AP automation solution

Supplier's CO2 emissions will be part of tender process, says BMW

CIPS - two thirds of businesses globally paying more for goods and services as a result of the pandemic - may be passed to consumers


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