Should you include your photograph on your cv?

A recent academic research paper (Ruffle and Shtudiner)  tested the advantages or otherwise of including a photograph on your cv when applying for a job.

I confess to being quite shocked by the results;.

a.  If you're a good looking man, include a photo.  This increases your chances of interview.  If you're a normal / 'plain' bloke, don't.  "Employer callbacks to attractive men are significantly higher than to men with no picture and to plain-looking men, nearly doubling the latter group".

b.  But if you're a good looking woman, your chances are less if you include a picture! Women should not include a picture whatever their looks.  "In fact, women with no picture have a significantly higher rate of callbacks than attractive or plain-looking women".

The researchers put this down to a 'jealousy' effect; presumably, initial sifting of cvs is often done by HR or administrative staff (who may well be female) who don't like the idea of recruiting attractive female colleagues!  That seems almost unbelievable, but this is a serious study.  But as there is no advantage for the less attractive pictures anyway, perhaps the picture just acts as a distraction from analysing the cv properly?

Perhaps we should add a bit of excitment to those boring tenders and ask for photos of the entire bidding team... would 'attractiveness of the provider's staff' be a legitimate evaluation criterion I wonder....?

Anyway, so now we know what we need to do personally.  Obviously, I will be including a portrait picture on my cv from now on given the findings.  It won't actually be mine of course...

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