Innovation Launch Pad – any bright ideas?

The Innovation Launch Pad, promoted on the Cabinet Office website, is open until 22 April. The idea is to get small firms to submit exciting innovative ideas that could help the Government:

“All SMEs are invited to submit their 500 word proposals for how their goods and services could help save the Government money or deliver better outcomes. Civil servants will have the opportunity to vote for those ideas with the greatest potential. The chosen business representatives will then present their ideas to a panel of senior government business officials, following coaching by the entrepreneurs”.

I hope they choose some more forward thinking civil servants to vote on the ideas rather than the “we tried that in 1984 and it didn’t work then” brigade!

But while it is easy to be cynical about this sort of initiative, I have it on good authority that Ministers – even the Prime Minster- really care about this. So come on everyone, let’s think of lots of ideas...

However, there is an issue – what is the route to market for any really good ideas? What is the EU compliant procurement process that will enable public sector organisations to buy these great ideas once they are discovered?

So perhaps we should submit some ideas around that as well – I’m thinking of some sort of rolling, widely defined framework? With lots of lots.... Or could we use dynamic purchasing systems?  Any solution providers with a good idea? Comments and suggestions welcome and we’ll pass them on to the right person in the Cabinet Office!

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  1. Peter Smith:

    We’re starting a Nobby the Bulldog appreciation society now! Great spot Dan – love it.

  2. Dan:

    Following an in depth review of the proposals, here is the best so far:

  3. Christine Morton:

    The link doesn’t work Peter as the site is down..

    Curious: is there an ILP logo?

    Thanks for spotting this Christine – sorted now!

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