Innovation Launch Pad – the lucky winners are…..

The UK Government's "Innovation Launch Pad Product Surgery" (read more about it here) is today, and these nine SMEs have been selected to present at that event - congratulations to them coming through the process. We are very disappointed Nobby the Bulldog didn't make the final cut though...

Adinfa – helping Government to cut costs, cut carbon emissions and optimise operating efficiencies across its estate of data centres by monitoring and managing energy consumption in real-time.

Becrypt – providing highly secure, low cost, mobile access from any unmanaged, internet enabled PC/laptop/thin client.  This enables people to work from home or remotely, using their own equipment without compromising data security.

Cambridge Temperature Concepts - a more successful and better value solution than IVF for the patient group that this service addresses. Using this service immediately prior to IVF, a total saving of £2M is made whilst increasing pregnancies by 640, resulting in a cost-per-pregnancy reduction of 50%.

Cat N Hosting – migrating government websites to open source frameworks to save a significant proportion of the £24M spent per year on infrastructure and hosting.

Health Analytics – giving clinicians and patients access to integrated NHS and social care records, enabling Health and Well-being boards to make informed decisions across health and social care, delivering huge savings from effective and joined up preventative care.

HotDocs – a software tool to standardise and automate the production of routine documentation and forms.

Learning Pool – an e-learning training system for local government that has saved over £30M for public sector customers over the last three years.

MyWorkSearch – an online system offering a suite of services to help job seekers find employment.

Software Europe limited – a service that automates clerical systems for claiming and processing travel and related expense within the public sector delivering savings of around 15%.

I've had a look at a couple of the firms, and as you might expect, they look good. Some, like Health Analytics, might be transformational.  But I'm not clear quite how "innovative" or new some of this is - Becrypt for instance look great but won a contract with the Foreign Office two years ago, so they weren't exactly an unknown quantity to Government. Having said that, public sector organisations are not exactly known for sharing info on good suppliers, so there's a benefit in spreading that knowledge via this process.

There's no guarantee of work for these firms, and no pre-agreed procurement process to give them a route to market. So while this is definitely a worthwhile initiative, it will be interesting to see what real business emerges for them.

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  1. Richard Hall:

    And how many of the 9 secured contracts as a result? And if the contracts were over OJ EU thresholds what was the process? and when is the next one?

  2. Peter Smith:

    I know – it’s a tragic lost opportunity!

  3. Dan:

    Nobby didn’t make the cut? No wonder Cameron described civil servants as enemies of enterprise.

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