Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis – Expert Briefing Webinar

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The next BravoSolution Real World Procurement live webinar will be upon us in no time. March 28th is the date for the next in this very popular series of online briefings, designed specifically for procurement professionals, delivered by real-world experts. And the expert for this one, 'Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis,' is Professor Robert Handfield, the Consulting Editor of the Journal of Operations Management, one of the leading supply chain management journals in the field, and author of several books on supply chain management. Prof. Handfield has consulted with over 25 Fortune 500 companies and published more than 100 articles in top management journals.

Recent research by Prof. Handfield has revealed that procurement professionals are falling short in their efforts to transform procurement from within: to make it a more strategic function that influences wider business decisions. Now, we hear this all the time - the procurement mantra - but what we don't often hear is why this is the case.

He points to one key culprit - lack of critical data analysis and insight. Without this, he believes, procurement will struggle to influence stakeholders, justify initiatives and demonstrate their long-term value to the wider organisation.

So, on March 28th, he will examine the issues faced by procurement professionals and provide recommendations for using data and analytics to help drive greater enterprise-wide value. He will discuss 'Innovative Data Leveraging' - a process which uses a fact-based, data-driven approach to drive change and influence stakeholders. He will then look at how you can: combine spend management with other sources of data; work with new sources of data to support supplier analytics, technology trends, and risk metrics (e.g. social media, open source data, etc) among others.

This looks like it will prove to be another useful and interesting session - his previous webinar 'Leveraging Supplier Innovation,' was recorded on January 31st and you can register to listen to that on-demand here if you'd like a taste of Professor Handfield's expert discussions.

The webinar on March 28th will be delivered twice, the first for EMEA at 12.00 noon to 13.00 hrs (GMT+1) - you can register here - and the second on the same day for the Americas at 14.00 hrs  – 15.00 hrs EDT - register here. You can choose whichever suits you best.

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