Your Input Needed! A February Procurement Roundtable in London

I’m planning a trip over to the UK sometime in February (need to escape those midnight baby feedings, I suppose, but keep that between us) to connect with a bunch of folks and to see if I can yet order a “schooner” in a pub. During the visit, I thought it would make sense to try to get a dozen or so folks together to informally debate the merits of a given topic.

Peter and I would both facilitate and contribute to the dialogue as well. In the spirit of the community aspect of the site -- you are talking to us as much as we are talking to you -- I’d like to toss it out to practitioners in the Spend Matters UK / Europe audience to gauge interest in the topic that you’d most like to focus on in a get together like this. Here are a few ideas:

- Evolution of basic e-invoicing – what is it today, what is working / what is not, how does supply chain finance (and basic discounting) factor into the equation, do tight eProcurement linkages matter, etc.?

- Supplier information management / supply base management – discussion and dialogue on everything you want to know about initiatives and programs to manage basic supplier information, supplier master data, supply risk management, supplier performance management, scorecarding, etc.

- Sourcing and managing advanced and complex categories – Complex categories can drive huge impact on both public and private sector organizations. These categories include logistics (ocean freight, LTL, truckload, small parcel, etc.), contingent labor, professional services, travel, telecom, etc. The idea for this discussion would be to introduce what makes them different and how to tackle them to the best possible effect.

(As background on the topic, you can read this column: Ten Tips For Pursuing Complex Categories as a Core Cost Reduction Strategy (

Please chime in and let us know which of these areas is most relevant and would foster the most constructive discussion for you.  Then we'll get back to you when my dates have firmed up.  If more than one sounds interesting, perhaps we'll do a couple of these this winter and spring.

(You can either leave a comment on the site here or email Peter directly with your ideas at

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