Institute of Competition and Procurement Studies Presents Procurement Week 2015

Here is the another taster from a new post on Public Spend Matters Europe, our sister site dedicated to public procurement issues.

Institute of Competition and Procurement Studies presents Procurement Week 2015

At the BravoSolution event in Wales last week (BravoCymru), I met Professor Dermot Cahill and Gary Clifford from Bangor University’s Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS).

ICPS has grown in size and reputation over the last few years and is now one of the leading academic centres for procurement related work, not just in the UK but across Europe. They’ve done a lot of work with the Welsh national government, but have also focused strongly on helping private sector firms understand public procurement and get better at bidding for and winning public contracts.

They are also known for their “Procurement Week”, an international conference that explores the many facets of public procurement, and has quadrupled in size over the past three years with over 500 attendees last year. It now goes well beyond the traditional academic (or indeed non-academic) conference, and they’re starting to promote the 2015 event now, with the theme “Game changing ideas and innovation.”

It is being held at St David’s Hotel and Spa, Cardiff (a very good hotel, I can vouch for that), between March 16th and 20th. Cardiff is an increasingly interesting and dynamic city, and it already looks like an excellent week. (Continue reading here at Public Spend Matters Europe).

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