Integrating Supplier Risk Management into Your Procurement Processes

Our Autumn series of webinars continues with next week’s session on managing the procurement function, and then on October 31st (Halloween!) at 10 am UK time (maybe not so Halloween …) we return to the scary topic of … supply chain risk!

We think we have a relatively new take for you, on what in the broader sense is far from a new topic. The session is titled “Integrating Supplier Risk Management into Your Procurement Processes” and what we’re going to do is take a look at how you can and should be thinking about risk at every stage of the end-to-end procurement lifecycle – starting way back, even in product design, through category strategies, sourcing and contracting to ongoing contract  and supplier management.

Often procurement functions have only started to consider risk once a supplier is onboard and started working with the buyer. At that point, we might start worrying about the rumours of a strike in their factory, or (if we are in the UK) consider what might happen post-Brexit if they are a non-UK firm. We might think a little at strategy stage and at least consider for example whether having a single supplier for a key item is a sensible approach, or whether multiple supplier sourcing would be more sensible.

But the risk analysis is often pretty unstructured, and often organisations really have little or no idea where the biggest risks lie in their supply base. And it is not just manufacturing and worries about failure of deliveries and factory shut-downs these days of course – risk areas such as data (GDPR) and reputational risk can apply to any organisation and to a wide range of suppliers of goods and services.

On the 31st, we’ll talk about these issues, and give you a guide to risk at each stage of the procurement process. SAP Ariba has focused strongly on risk over the last couple of years, and has made some big strides in the capability of their product. So I’ll be joined by Tony Harris, SAP Ariba GM for Supplier Management Solutions (basically, the firm’s risk guru) and Bernard Stoit from the firm, another solution expert in this field, who will guide us through a quick look at the Ariba Supplier Risk product.

You can register here, free of charge of course, and hope you can join us on the 31st.

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  1. Dan Onyema:

    This is a very educative topic .I am highly interested to learn and get detailed on this.
    Will appreciate if I can get the lecture / tutorials and other materials that of vital importance.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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