Intenda – making waves with public sector auctions

I met Herman Fick recently, who is one of the founders and Directors of Intenda. I confess to a prior lack of awareness of the firm, but they have been very successful recently in the reverse auction space in the UK public sector. They offer a wider suite of products, including Contract Management, Spend Management, Strategic Sourcing Management, Supply Chain Management  and Procurement Management, but their auction product and services have been the spearhead of their recent UK success.

They won a competition last year to provide reverse auction services to the MOD, and they are also working with a number of wider public sector organisations.  Value for money is core to their offering; like Jonathan Rollason's organisation that I featured last week, they are offering a price that makes auctions very affordable and has allowed users to make impressive returns on investment.   One particularly interesting aspect is their ability to run 'mini-competitions' through an auction process where a multi supplier framework has been put in place, and further regular mini-competitions are required.  Anyway, I intend to look further at their offerings.

In the meantime, I return to my previous advice (and I am far from being a technologist); but it is clear that new and non-traditional suppliers of procurement and supply chain technology have some very interesting offerings. If you have a need, then do a proper market analysis, speak to a range of practitioners, and do a proper supplier selection exercise; don't just go with the ERP add-on or whatever your mate down the road has used!

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