Interesting procurement jobs at the BBC

There's a couple of interesting jobs going at the BBC - see here. Applications close next Monday so don't hang around if you're interested.  They have a very strong and well regarded (internally and externally) procurement function and as well as all the standard categories they get involved in some innovative and interesting areas  (digital switchover contracts, licence fee collection etc); I think it is those 'outsourcing' type contracts that these roles will address.

And there are some very good people in the procurement function, with an impressive top team (OK I'm biased, I have been known to partake of alcohol with some of them...),  so I imagine it is a good environment to work in.

So if you're worried about your current organisation's 35% funding reduction...these jobs could be perfect for either an experienced professional or a bright up and coming procurement star...

Apparently they're not allowed under BBC rules to say how much they're offering, but from my knowledge of where these jobs fit into their structure, I suspect they're £60-70K a year-ish.  But ask them if you're interested - I give no guarantee as to the accuracy of my figures!

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