Interviewing BravoSolution’s new CEO, mind the gap with procurement talent

You may have already read that Jim Wetekamp has taken the reins as BravoSolution's new CEO, but we were lucky enough to interview him. Over a three-part series, we chatted about his background, where he sees BravoSolution today, and where it'll be headed to in the future. Enjoy:

If you haven't had a chance to download our two new research papers yet, have a look at it:


Webinars, galore.

Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell are participating on an expert panel discussion next week with Assaf Stern of Nipendo and Pete Loughlin of Purchasing Insight (I've heard the prep calls and believe me, this is NOT a discussion to miss!): Direct Spend P2P: Too Complex to Automate?

If electronic catalogs are the key lynchpin between sourcing and procurement, why haven't they delivered their full potential? Pierre Mitchell and Xavier Olivera will answer this question (amongst many, many others) on The Death of Traditional Catalogs: Realizing Sourcing Savings with Next-Generation Requisitioner Support.

Procurement talent: mind the gap!

Jason Busch has put together a series on procurement talent management - how to get it, how to keep it, and how to grow it. Here are the initial posts:

Ebola and your supply chain

Is Ebola Infecting Your Supply Chain? Spend Matters’ Continued Coverage of the Outbreak 

Some coverage from Oracle Open World

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Fusion jazz meets hip hop this week in an album I am curious to get Peter's thoughts on (I surprisingly LOVE it):

Flying Lotus - You're Dead

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