Introducing the Procurement Intelligence Unit *

I was about to write a post which was referring to a piece on the Procurement Intelligence Unit (PIU) website, when I realised I haven't ever mentioned the PIU previously.  So I'll put that right now and come back later to the other issue.

The PIU was formed around 18 months ago by Mark Perera, one of the founders of the Procurement Leaders magazine and organisation.  Mark is now non-exec chair of Procurement Leaders (PL) and is putting most of his time into building the PIU.  I've got a lot of admiration for Mark, who has built from scratch (with his team) a very credible organisation in PL, with a mainly private sector, very international and blue-chip customer base.  He's looking to replicate that with the PIU, which is offering "independent strategic research, market intelligence and benchmarking services".

It is a corporate subscription model, similar to PL, and the research is both generated from what PIU believes are topics and markets of interest; and by members' identifying areas they wish to see covered. As they say:

Firstly, our quarterly executive research studies provide a detailed, cross-sector and case study-led examination of high-priority CPO topics, such as 2010's Organisational Alignment, Talent Management, Demand Management and Procurement Strategy reports.

In addition to this, our weekly operational reports analyse a variety of key spend categories, sub-categories, supplier markets, commodities, new technologies and country risk profiles.

While it bears some comparison to organisations such as the Procurement Strategy Council, it's focus on 'hard' procurement research is pretty unique and it will be interesting to see if Mark can create another useful and successful procurement support organisation here.  I'm sure we'll come back and feature what they're up to in the future.

(* I would stress that no money or beer changed hands in the writing of this post... but in the interest of full disclosure, I seem to remember Mark did buy me a cup of tea a while ago.. just the one though...)

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