INVERTO – Plans for UK Growth and Market Expansion (Part 2)

Yesterday in Part 1, we talked to Lance Younger, new Managing Director of international business consultancy INVERTO, about his first couple of months in the role – today we ask him about what the next 12 hold.

What do the next 12 months hold?

“The larger part of the INVERTO team is located in Europe, and about 70% to 80% of business comes out of Germany, Austria and central Europe. The combined INVERTO BCG procurement team are one of the largest teams in Europe and globally. Our UK goal over the next 12 months is to continue to work with clients on their procurement transformation and cost reduction journeys and to rapidly grow the team.

That will come from two key things: great people with an enthusiasm and energy for procurement, and from working with clients going through evolution or transformation, focusing on our core solutions of strategic sourcing and procurement transformation.

Personally, I thrive working with procurement teams on complex challenges, future proofing their plans and accelerating the implementation of a portfolio of procurement and supplier management initiatives.”

So what are the key skills you will be looking for as you grow?

“Clearly, as every client is either using digital tools, or transforming to become more digital, we need people who are either a digital native, or able to demonstrate that they work with those tools and can advise on how to use them. So, knowledge of, and an appetite for, digital (with a lower-case ‘d’) is essential. But that is not all. For me, depth of application is incredibly important.

When someone talks to me about what they have achieved; maybe they have done a great negotiation for a company for example, I want to know the details of the techniques they used, the approach, what did they achieve ‘technically,’ what tools they used, did they use gaming theory, how successful was it and how did they measure that – and crucially, what did they learn from it. This demonstrates they understand scenarios and application.

Then I am interested in their personal skills; relationship management, facilitation, engagement. The EQ is just as important as the IQ in procurement today, especially in consulting. It all comes back to the energy and enthusiasm we mentioned earlier; people and teams are what we are all about.”

What do you think is the key driver of operational success and future proofing?

“One of the things I feel passionately about is the importance of leadership – it drives success at all levels. I believe that at a more senior level, good leadership comes out in the role you play in terms of building and engaging teams, but also in terms of empowering them. At a more junior level, leadership comes out in the way you focus, manage yourself and work with your peers – it also means you will have a greater impact. Overall it’s the impact you make that counts, there is little value in doing 20 things averagely, it’s better to do fewer things very well – and that means understanding your differentiating impact.”

“Going back to one of the things that attracted me to this role – I recognise that growth and operational capability at scale are the areas where my differentiating impact lies. A strong belief in the impact procurement can have on operations and the supply chain is important, as consulting companies without that cannot invest in and develop the core procurement capabilities, tools and approaches that can create growth for both the client and the consultant team. It is great to see that INVERTO and BCG’s global leadership share this passion too.”

We thank Lance for this open and frank interview and we wish him success. 

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