E-invoicing: is the 80% solution enough?

If your interests lie in the P2P aspects of procurement, there's some good reading for you (as usual) on Purchasing Insight, with follow on comments from Jason Busch at Spend Matters US.

The argument at Purchasing Insight is that aiming for 100% pure e-invoicing is probably an unrealistic ambition, and therefore a different approach is needed.

Adopting a hybrid approach that allows you to interpret scanned images as well as “pure” e-invoices as electronic invoices, allows the aspiration of 100% electronic invoicing to become attainable. Getting dogmatic about what is and is not an electronic invoice simply builds a reason not to do anything at all.

Jason has followed up here - he (sort of ) agrees with Purchasing Insight,  and also comments on the benefits (or not) of e-invoicing for suppliers as well as buyers.

It's a topic that both Jason and Purchasing Insight have written about extensively, so do go back through their archives if you're looking for more food for thought in this area.

And I really should get Spend Matters onto a somewhat more 'leading edge' invoicing system than the rather ramshackle process we currently use...!

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