Is Procurement Doomed? – Join us for the Pub Debate on June 23rd!

Is Procurement doomed? What do you think? In three weeks' time, on Tuesday June 23rd, we are holding our next Procurement Pub Debate (kindly sponsored by Trade Extensions) and titled, “This (Public) House Believes that Procurement is Doomed!”

The sub-title is "The digital revolution and other factors will make procurement functions a thing of the past by 2025."

Good controversial stuff, we think, and we’re delighted to say that my colleague from the US Jason Busch has agreed to speak - if you have heard Jason you will know he is always thought-provoking and entertaining. There will be two people speaking in favour of the motion and two against, in classic Oxford and Cambridge Union debating style. We are finalising the line-up now, not sure if I’m going to speak or chair the event but I can guarantee it will be a good evening.

Many of us could probably make an argument both for and against that motion. I don’t want to predict what might be said on the night, but the growth trend of procurement over the past 20 years is in itself a reason for optimism; is that really going to go into reverse suddenly? On the other hand, “digital” has proved very disruptive in some sectors and for some jobs already – might it do the same for procurement, and might that happen surprisingly quickly?

Old-Bank-of-England-15Anyway, the debate is being held in a private room at the spectacular Old Bank of England pub in Fleet Street (see picture), just past the Royal Courts of Justice. 5.30pm start, the main debate will begin 6pm on the dot, and after four short speeches (7 minutes per person) there will be time for questions and a vote on the motion before we wind up at 7pm. So we do hope you can join us – it is free, with refreshments provided, but we’d be grateful if you can register here just to help in planning the food!

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