Ivalua Announces Impressive Half-Year Results, Looks Forward to Paris in the Autumn

Founded in France and with a strong presence in the US, procurement software provider Ivalua is beginning to expand now in other European countries, including the UK. Last week the firm announced a half-year update on performance. Ivalua is privately owned, so doesn't have to go into the detail that a publicly quoted business has to, but they told us enough to know that the business is performing strongly.

"More than 500,000 users log into Ivalua’s solutions every day, and last year the company grew revenues by more than 40 percent while expanding its regional presence across new countries in Europe and North and South America."

Here is the overview on the firm, from my US colleagues, reporting last week (you can read their whole article here).

Spend Matters has also named Ivalua one of our “50 Providers to Know” as part of the 2015 Spend Matters Almanac, suggesting its unique capabilities and linkages – sourcing, project and program management, contract management and supplier management tools – included in its broader single-data model suite make for a compelling offering. In addition, its high degree of configurability within the procure-to-pay area makes Ivalua a good fit for multinational companies that have strong customized or industry-specific procurement processes.

The Ivalua solution is both broad in scope and functionality and built on a single platform, which gives it obvious advantages over some of their competitors. As buyers of procurement solutions and technology get smarter, the firm seems to be one of the winners, perhaps arising from that additional market understanding and appreciation of the advantages their product offers. (Ivalua claim to have a high success rate when they go head to head in RFPs with some of the giant procurement solutions firms).

The announcement last week did not talk about revenue or profit in detail, but the headlines were:
- 20 new customers (more than ever before) including a very significant one in North American financial services firm Scotiabank
- 65% year-over-year growth in bookings
- 60% increase in channel partner-driven revenue
- A record number of large customer projects went live – including those for Whirlpool and Select Medical Systems

That would all suggest that last year's 40% growth track is continuing into 2015. The firm is holding their global customer event in Paris on Tuesday October 13th, which should be both interesting and celebratory, I suspect (we will be there). In the meantime, I'm sure they would be happy to talk to any prospective customers and who knows, you might even get an invite to Paris in the Autumn!

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