Ivalua in London – “The Voice of Procurement” Next Tuesday

Next week on Tuesday 13th March I’ll be co-chairing the Ivalua “the Voice of Procurement” event at Kings Place near Kings Cross, London. There are still some places available free of charge for procurement practitioners if you want to come along for a stimulating and thought-provoking day.

Now it strikes us that many people in the UK still don’t know Ivalua very well. This is a good opportunity to come and learn more – as well as hearing some interesting keynote speakers (and me  of course …). More on those speakers later.

But in terms of Ivalua, the firm is one of the procurement technology industry’s “best kept secrets”, certainly in the UK – less so in France where the firm has its origins and in the US where it has grown very successfully. So let’s just give you a flavour; here is what Jason Busch and our colleagues at Spend Matters US, the world’s best-informed procurement technology experts, have to say about the firm.

“If I had to place my bets on one provider to boom in 2018 based on what it currently has in its integrated strategic procurement technology and procure-to-pay solutions applications arsenal — combined with above-average Customer scoring — it would be Ivalua”.

Ivalua is one in a very small group of providers that has built an end-to-end solution on a single technology stack (from the ground up) with sufficient breadth and depth across all key functional areas to enable it to serve as a single technology suite for procurement organizations. Its entire suite was built in-house on a single platform over the last 16 years…”

“Outside of its suite value alone, Ivalua remains a top choice for any organization requiring heavy configuration or needing to meeting industry-specific requirements — or requiring the most flexible workflow, rules and integration capabilities”.

(You can read more here – and find out about the Spend Matters SolutionMap too if you haven’t already seen this excellent tech analysis.)

Away, back to next week’s event. The external keynotes come from top executives from two very interesting diverse and international businesses – Blackberry’s, a very successful Indian manufacturer and retailer of fashionable men’s clothing, and Swissport, the international aviation services business.  I’ll also be giving some thoughts on the future of procurement (with a musical slant), and there will be sessions from Ivlaua’s senior team as well.

So do come along, hear more about an impressive tech firm, and steal some ideas from interesting speakers too.  You can register here and the event is free of charge to practitioners.

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