Ivalua NOW – Next Month in London – “The Voice Of Procurement”

Next month on March 13th I’m involved in Ivalua NOW, the procurement tech firm’s London event, which is shaping up to be an interesting and useful day for procurement professionals. It’s an opportunity to hear some senior practitioner case studies, and consider some of the latest and most  innovative thinking in procurement - both technology and in general terms.

It’s also a chance to meet the Ivalua senior people. The firm, which markets an extensive suite covering a wide range of procurement capabilities,  consistently does very well in technology analysis such as the Spend Matters SolutionMap℠. But Ivalua, despite any years now of impressive global growth, is still probably not as well known as it should be, in the UK certainly. So if you are interested in the latest ideas around source to pay and indeed other areas of procurement tech, this is a good opportunity to get yourself updated.

The event has got two senior CPOs in Francesco Cortini of Smiths Group and Reiner Orth from Swissport speaking, and they will be highlighting the practices that have helped their procurement organisations succeed.  I’ll be taking a look at the future of procurement and what that means to the senior leaders of the 2020s, both with some personal comments and in a panel discussion. Ivalua will be presenting their latest ideas and products too, including innovations around direct materials and AI (artificial intelligence).

It’s a one-day event, held at Kings Place just around the corner from Kings Cross and the overall theme is  “the Voice of Procurement”, which can mean different things to different people, but did of course appeal to me as a music fanatic.  So I’m trying to think of some ways of incorporating something musical into my session, but I do promise not to play my Stylophone. Or indeed my Melodica…

You can register here and the event is free of charge to practitioners. And we’ll have some further thoughts on that musical linkage next week too.

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