Jaggaer Acquires BravoSolution – Everything You Need to Know From Spend Matters

Being devoted to the procurement cause above and beyond all reasonable levels, I spent the morning of New Year's Eve catching up on some professional reading, including articles from our colleagues at Spend Matters US. In particular, I spent some time going though recent PRO articles, available to subscribers only, written by the team of top analysts, including Jason Busch, Pierre Mitchell, Andrew Karpie and Michael Lamoureux (now that would be a University Challenge team to fear …)

I can speak without any conflict of interest, because I have no financial or ownership stake in the Spend Matters US business. And what I can honestly say is that there is some absolutely brilliant writing and analysis here, that I can hand on heart recommend to any serious procurement person or function.

For instance, the analysis of the Jaggaer / BravoSolution acquisition, confirmed recently, is simply essential for any existing customer of either of those firms. If you are in that situation, you will have some important decisions to make in the coming months, and there will no doubt be opportunities arising from the coming together of these firms, just as there will be risks for customers too.

The level of insight – and detail – in the Spend Matters PRO articles is incredible. As a customer of those firms you will be much, much better informed if you read and make use of this material, and I’m convinced the cost of a PRO subscription is minimal compared to the benefits you will gain from reading and using the analysis,.

Ten Questions Jagger’s Acquisition of BravoSolution Should Raise for Customers and the Marketis impressive in itself, as a two-part detailed overview of the key issues. But then you can also get to grips with four more detailed comparisons of individual elements of the respective products; so sourcing, contract lifecycle management, supplier management and spend analysis have been compared to date.

There is also the PRO article “Jaggaer-BravoSolution Merger Analysis: BravoSolution Customer Recommendations” which includes some vital commercial recommendations, and Jaggaer to Acquire BravoSolution: Initial Thoughts and Considerations , which is free to read for everyone.

Those product-specific pieces also contain some comparisons with other solution providers, and of course then link into the full SolutionMap analysis (covering some 70 procurement technology vendors), which is the most detailed and impressive technology analysis in our industry by miles. You can find out more about PRO and SolutionMap here.

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