Announcing Jaggaer ONE – A Unified Platform for Comprehensive Spend Management

Global spend management, and still independent, firm Jaggaer has today released its 'unified platform' for 'comprehensive spend management' -- Jaggaer One. "The JAGGAER ONE Platform has been in development for over 15 months and provides customers with the functional depth to support 100% of business spend for multiple vertical industries," explains the press release.

The platform is a plug-and-play environment whereby customers can easily implement a variety of spend management solutions according to their needs, maturity levels and organisational strategic aims. The idea is to provide procurement functions with a tool that enables them to realise the added value that organisations now expect of them, to support strategic-level company aims that go beyond traditional cost savings. To that end it includes data management, third-party integrations, identity management, process workflows, and analytics capability across all procurement activities.

Last July, our then MD and procurement expert, Peter Smith, reported from the Jaggaer Rev customer event in Munich that Jaggaer was aiming to combine the three - Jaggaer Advantage (né BravoSolution Advantage platform, with strengths in sourcing, analytics and contract management), Jaggaer Indirect (with SciQuest as its ancestor, with strengths in source-to-pay), and Jaggaer Direct (a continuation of the Pool4Tool platform, with strengths in P2P) - capabilities into an à la carte menu from which customers can choose. A great concept that breaks down the 'walled cities' view of each strength - a "somewhat complex but also pretty smart" approach, he said then. 

So it looks today like Jaggaer has completed that mission to build links and integration capability between these (and more) options. Said Robert Bonavito, CEO of JAGGAER: this "... represents the next stage in the evolution of our company and is the most complete business-to-business spend management offering available globally. It was developed with market and customer input and is a solution that any business can rely upon and scale as it transforms its procurement operations.”

Clearly, our analysts haven't seen it 'up close and personal' yet, but Spend Matters Founder and possibly the most procurement-solution-savvy analyst on the planet, Jason Busch, said the "SOA approach to unification can be an effective means of creating a comprehensive whole from individual components and technologies. We are very excited to hear about this development but will refrain from analysis until we have been fully briefed on Jaggaer’s latest architectural investments.”

Our UK-based 'woman on the ground' - procurement expert Jenny Draper, said: "To see the vendors continue to develop their functionality in collaboration with customers is really encouraging.  Combining data with process workflows and analytics should mean a true functional enabler.  We’re looking forward to delving into the Jaggaer ONE platform soon and giving you our review.”

We will keep you informed of our analysts' progress in doing this. For now, there's a bit more information here.


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