Jaggaer Rev Event – Register Now For Procurement Insight in Magnificent Munich

It is just two weeks now to the Jaggaer Rev event in Munich Germany (June 25th / 26th).

I’m going to be there, I’m delighted to say, and I will be chairing a panel discussion featuring the software firm's own top management (CEO and CTO, I believe) and maybe senior client folk too. So I’m busy working out the most interesting and challenging questions to put to them to stimulate some good and lively discussion.

The speaker mix is impressive and very international, although I am reassured that the conference language is English. We have Dr. Klaus Staubitzer, Chief Procurement Officer of Siemens, one of the very biggest firms in the world, talking about digitalisation of procurement, which should be worth hearing.

Our friend Rolf Zimmer, co-founder of riskmethods is on the bill too, with insights in the supply risk management space, as well as a keynote from futurist and award-winning speaker Stefan Hyttfors. I’ve checked him out on YouTube and he looks very good – amusing at times but in the main very insightful about the future world of work and business.

It will also be a chance of course for customers of BravoSolution to see up close what the acquisition by Jaggaer is going to mean for their organisations. We touched on that here and here, when we reported on the recent customer day in London, but this Munich event will provide two whole days, including  some socialising time, to get to know people and really understand the opportunities (and risks) arising from the new world of Jaggaer. And the presence of the firm’s top team is another good reason for “old Bravo” clients to hop on a flight over to Munch.

Incidentally, Munch is a great city, right up there in our list of European favourites (Rome, Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona … no, not Paris or Prague!). If you haven’t been before, it very much feels like a capital city (which it is, of the state of Bavaria), with spacious streets and squares, some superb museums and public buildings, a brilliant open-air food market, beer halls, plenty of parks and green spaces.

It’s not quite as “trendy” as Berlin, but it has become a real hub for software firms and start-ups, so it has a vibe that is both business-like but also pretty cool. If you have the chance to add a day onto your trip to explore the city, I’d really recommend that.

As long as you are a client or realistic prospective client, there is no registration fee for the event although you will of course have to sort out your own transport and accommodation. But if you fall into those categories, we’d recommend that you check out the event and you can register here.

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