Jane Gibbs takes on senior procurement role at Citi

Dr Jane Gibbs has had one of the more interesting career paths amongst senior procurement leaders.  CIPS President in 2006, she's had spells in manufacturing, construction, the public sector, pharma and utilities.  And managed to get her doctorate  / be CIPS President; all pretty amazing as she's only 26.....

She showed impeccable timing in moving on from Rok (where she was Commercial Director) in mid-2009 before they hit their big problems; perhaps Jane leaving was where they went wrong?  (Should have sold my shares then...)  She has now decided to make a foray into the banking and finance world and has taken up a new role as EMEA Country Procurement Director at Citgroup, with responsibility for the purchasing teams carrying out local procurement across Citigroup in that region. Many congratulations to her and I'm sure it will prove to be an interesting role, sounds like a few Air Miles as well....

Hearing about Jane's move led me to wonder whether the banking sector has finally realised the importance of procurement?  When I left the sector ten years ago, retail banking /  finance was just about getting it, but in most banks I knew, the investment and corporate side still saw procurement as a necessary evil at best, just getting in the way of what the traders and corporate bankers really wanted to do (i.e. make huge piles of money).

Certainly retail banking has seen some further strong procurement development in the last decade, with Lloyds, Barclays and others making impressive strides; and in the wider finance sector organisations such as Axa and Legal & General are leading edge performers across all sectors.  But I'm still not so sure in terms of 'wholesale' banking.  I suspect things did change somewhat during the recent recession and banking crisis; but is procurement really embedded now in the investment banking culture as well as in retail? I'll be interested to hear how Jane finds it, given her wealth of different experience, once she gets settled in.

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