Jason Busch analyses Hubwoo’s new supplier network release

It’s been an interesting few months for Hubwoo, providers of eProcurement and source -to-pay solutions. Their previously strong relationship with SAP has come under question since SAP acquired Ariba. Hubwoo partnered with SAP principally in terms of the Hubwoo network, which links buyers and sellers - but of course that area is an Ariba strength.   Indeed, last week, Hubwoo announced that SAP have given up their seat on the Hubwoo Board, although there was no mention of a change in shareholding – SAP own a 4% chunk of the Hubwoo equity.

However, the firm is persevering with their own development path, which of course is even more essential now they’ll have to carve out their own route to success. Jason Busch at Spend Matters US has been taking a detailed look at their latest technology developments – here’s how he introduced the series:.

“Last week, Hubwoo announced its "3.0 launch" of its supplier network (Hubwoo refers to it as "The Business Network”), a major new release that brings new capability and vision to their business-to-business network -- and for P2P networks in general, for that matter. Perhaps most important of all, the announced release represents the first major product launch that Hubwoo has made to differentiate itself from the SAP ecosystem post-Ariba, positioning its new capabilities to serve the broader P2P and supplier network marketplace including (but not limited to) enhancing SAP MM & SRM initiatives”.

Hubwoo has  over 300,000 active suppliers on their network, meaning  “it can certainly lay claim to being a top five indirect procurement network by adoption and volume”.

Jason runs through the capabilities of the Hubwoo network – the standard pitch is “remarkably similar to Ariba/SAPs” he says. But he also gets into their proposition for suppliers to join the network – the “network value proposition for suppliers is the ability to come in and maintain and manage their profile, campaigns and various initiatives...”

There’s also a social element to the approach – “Hubwoo spends quite a bit of time playing up the "social" capabilities of the collaborative environment that encourages suppliers not only to maintain profiles, but to also to rank and rate supplier capabilities and performance that is the closest version of a B2B Yelp we've seen”.

So if you’re interested in suppler networks and P2P, do read Jason’s three articles in full (here, here and here). They contain a lot of real insight and information. And his final analysis and client/customer recommendations are available to subscribers on Spend Matters PRO.

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