Jason Busch on procurement and supply chain scenarios for 2012

Jason Busch at Spend Matters US is running a series of predictions (sort of) for procurement. They’re based on a scenario analysis approach – looking at five possible developments and what they might mean specifically for procurement. Here’s Jason explaining how this came about:

A few weeks back, I found myself with less than 24 hours to the Spend Matters UK/Europe first anniversary celebration without having prepared the "predictions" speech that Peter Smith had asked me to present. The idea was that attendees would gain something of substance that they could take back with them -- besides ringing eardrums from all the rock music -- from our little party. Fighting a combination of jetlag, late-night curry and the combined effects of good Bordeaux, Vintage Port and warm beer we had quaffed the previous day, I set out to put pen to paper to come up with five scenarios for procurement in 2020 on a short train ride into London. I wanted to describe five different worlds that were not necessarily mutually exclusive, bad or good -- just different from today, and logical extensions of where we might be headed as a function based on different happenings in the world and in our companies and organizations.

So between now and the first week of January, we’ll feature Jason’s thinking. I’d urge you to read his full pieces on the US site – here's his first - we’ll just be giving you a taster here, with a few comments of our own thrown in for good measure!

Here are the five scenarios:

Scenario One: Extreme localization and decentralization require new approaches
Scenario Two: Beyond process: politics, regulation, philosophy and economics define procurement's focus
Scenario Three: Technology proves more then transformative -- emerging enterprise applications, mobile computing, social "intelligence" and technology democratization change the possibilities (and priorities) of procurement
Scenario Four: Global supply chain intelligence dictates winners and losers
Scenario Five: Core procurement is absorbed (e.g., by shared services such as corporate Six Sigma, finance, operations, HR)

More tomorrow…

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