Jason Busch speaks at Spend Matters procurement debate

We're going to feature over the next few days videos from our first 'Sourcing Debate' held last week in London. The motion was "this house believes that cost reduction should not be the CPO's main priority" - Jason Busch of Spend Matters US proposed the motion.

Jason argued that cost reduction has moved down the list of priorities for CPOs, and they have to adapt to the current environment. Cost reduction is not enough. You can take short term measures but suppliers will get the value back, particularly when markets move against you.  He used his experience at Freemarkets to argue that longer term value comes from developing relationships, sustainable and ethical procurement, and promoting innovation.

Finally, he produced the Heinz ketchup 'flat topped' bottle, designed by a supplier, which increased sales by over 20% - far more benefit than any simple cost cutting could bring.

Watch the whole video here.

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  1. Peter Smith:

    I think it is sorted now – apologies!

  2. Charles Dominick, SPSM:

    When I click the play button, the player says “This video is private.”

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