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We've been publishing Spend Matters UK / Europe for 8 months now and Jason and I have been delighted by the reaction from sponsors and, most of all, readers. We've built up to a four-figure daily readership, a decent number of comments (although we'd really like more) and it's great to get (generally) positive comments when we're out and about.

But there's one area where we have not lived up our own expectations. The idea that we could produce something that would be genuinely 'European' and appealing to readers in France, Germany, ..etc hasn't really worked out. It 's partly because of how much we've focused on the UK public sector – problem is, that's such an interesting area and personally I don't want to lose that strength in our coverage. But also, even if many European procurement people can speak and read English pretty well, that doesn't mean they'll choose an English language blog as one of their favourite and regular reads.

So, Jason and I think that if we're serious about “Europe”, we have to look at some other language variants. German and French would be priorities 1 and 2 at this point.

But we can't do this ourselves. So we're looking for anyone who might like to get involved.

We think initially, 1-2 posts a day would be fine, which could be perhaps 50% posts written by Jason or I for the current sites translated into German / French, plus 50% based on local procurement news or indeed other interests that our collaborator might have. We may also task our colleague to translate some of those into English for use here or on the US site. The task / person specification is:

  • Approx 10-12 hours a week (we think)
  • Fluent in English and German or French
  • Don't actually have to be based in those countries although that would be ideal, but understanding of the country /business culture is pretty key
  • An interest in business and procurement (but doesn't have to be a 'deep' subject matter expert)
  • A competent writer (what do you mean, that didn't seem to matter for the UK site?)
  • A sense of humour would help given they will have to work with Jason and me
  • Vaguely IT literate although WordPress is very easy (let's face it, I can run this although I didn't set it up myself!)

To begin with, we won't be aiming to get lots of local sponsorship, although that may develop. The reward will therefore be limited, at least initially – we're thinking in the 15,000 euros a year range, per country, and that is subject to our continuing to get the sort of sponsorship levels we've managed this year. If it does take off, then our partner can certainly share in that.

So it could be suitable for someone who perhaps has a portfolio career and wants to develop their profile through writing; or someone recently retired who would enjoy this and make a bit of money; or someone who wants a part time job from home (a "procurement mother" perhaps) that can fit well around other responsibilities. It could even be someone who is associated with a procurement solution provider, as long as they understand how critical our independence is for readers and sponsors.

So if you know anyone, or have contacts in France or Germany, please send this on to them and ask them to contact me on psmith@spendmatters.com if they are interested.

(* This will be a service contract rather than employment)

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First Voice

  1. Naser Turabi:

    Will send to my Belgian procurement contractor friend – France and Germany aren’t the only countries with native French and German speakers!

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