Jobs news – Beer or Olympics?

Over at the Odgers website, we have this opportunity for a Supply Chain Director with a real interest in beer.  Sounds good?

I once came very close to joining the drinks' industry.  I remember clearly the job description.  After laying out the salary, excellent pension, car and so on, the last line read "....and £120 a month product allowance (to be spent in the staff shop)"

So they were going to pay me a damn good salary - then give me £120 a month to spend on booze! Too good to be true, and sure enough, luckily for my liver, it didn't work out.

And if beer isn't your thing, if you scorn alcohol during your 20 mile daily runs before work, if you love your 300 press-ups during coffee break;  here's another interesting role -  working on procurement for the Olympics.  The ad suffers one of my pet hates - the "salary - competitive" definition.  So what does that mean?  For a job like this I really don't know if that might be £30K or £100K.   But I guess it is working into Mr Gerry Walsh, so that's a positive!

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