John Suffolk back on line

One of the more interesting bloggers in Government is John Suffolk, central Government's Chief Information Officer.

This is his first piece post election, and a useful outline of what is going on in Government IT circles, with a fair bit of it having procurement relevance.

I think there have been a few 'demarcation issues' between Suffolk and OGC over the years; it will be fascinating to see how the dynamics will develop with Nigel Smith going, Ian Watmore coming in as Suffolk's boss, and possible changes to follow in government procurement structures.

If you read the post, you will see the power that is being taken by ERG and the 'centre'; it strikes me as interesting and somewhat paradoxical that, while schools, hospitals and local authorities are encouraged to free themselves from central government control, and localisation is the buzzword, central Whitehall Departments are being increasingly micro-managed from Cabinet Office in some areas at least.  Potential tension ahead here?

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