Join the Debate – Is the Digital Revolution Driving More Effective Procurement?

Efficio recently took to finding out how 225 senior procurement professionals from around the world think the digital procurement landscape is impacting their organisations. Now they’d like to share their findings in an evening of debate and networking.

So on the evening of November 29, they will be inviting senior procurement executives to their HQ in Regent Street, London, to listen to and take part in a discussion about the digital revolution and how it is – or could be – driving more effective procurement.

The survey findings tell us that most companies believe technology should be enabling more data-driven decision-making in procurement, but that the biggest barrier to harnessing the power of that technology is a lack of talent and low levels of supplier support. Rather than investing in new technologies, companies want to make better use of existing ones, it reveals.

So, after a brief introduction to those findings, a panel, comprising Michelle Baker, CPO of KPN, Louis Fernandes, VP and Country Manager, Basware, Juliet Sotnick, chief procurement and supply officer, Babcock, Ian Thompson, Director at Tradeshift, Jan Fokke Van Den Bosch of HSBC, and our own CEO and founder, Jason Busch, will each have a few minutes to air their thoughts on the issues arising from the survey.

We don’t often get to hear Jason Busch speak in the UK, so, alongside his fellow panellists, this is a good opportunity to tune in to how some of the leading thinkers in the industry perceive the ‘digital revolution.’ In Jason’s words:

“The future of procurement is getting closer (an odd statement to make, but a true one). I like to tell people - somewhat crudely - that digital transformation initiatives in procurement used to “role downhill” like something else more scatological than strategic. But what is happening today is that a new area of technologies is making it easier to drive creative disruption and enablement from the ground up.

From the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to data analysis, strategy development, decision guidance and pattern/fraud detection across sourcing, contracting and P2P initiatives, to vast improvements in process-oriented technologies (e.g., strategic sourcing, contract management, etc.) which are becoming easier and easier to use, to the increasing use of market intelligence (sometimes human-driven, sometimes AI-driven), to all forms of decision making, the future of procurement is arriving quicker than we think. This is why I’m excited to join Efficio and the panel discussion, sharing just how quickly change is happening.”

So, all bodes well for an evening of vibrant debate and knowledge sharing over how procurement can deliver more value, more quickly, by developing and executing digital strategy, how it can ensure this value is sustainable, and the next steps it should take to achieve greater efficiencies. This will be followed by questions and networking, and of course a bit of socialising over food and drink. The evening starts at 6pm for networking, then the 15-minute introduction will complete by 7pm when the panel discussion will start. The event will finish at 8pm.

To find out more and to register your interest follow the Efficio invitation here, but do hurry as spaces are limited.


Thursday, November 29, at 6pm
Efficio HQ, 33 Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4NE


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  1. Amintore Confalonieri:

    The establishment of a Digital Procurement function will enable more data-driven decisions and require the compromise from the Top Management to make it happen. Change agents are fundamental to help the organizations achieve this goal

    Amintore Confalonieri

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