Jonathan Shaw – a good guy loses his seat

I've been a non-executive director for Remploy ("the UK's leading providers of employment services and employment to people experiencing complex barriers to work" )  for the last couple of years.  'Our' Minister was Jonathan Shaw, Minister for Disabled People in the DWP, and I met him several times.

He is not at all how you expect a Minister to be; he started his career as a social worker, clearly has a genuine interest in helping people (I'm sure that was why he went into politics), and has a quite gentle, thoughtful personal style.  He was always supportive and interested in Remploy, as well as seeming to be - well, just a really nice guy.

Anyway, he only had a majority of 2,000 and he lost his seat last week;  so I just wanted  to confirm that not all losing MPs were arrogant expense fiddlers.  Many I'm sure are good people with a sense of public duty and service, like Jonathan, and I would just like to say 'thanks ' to him and wish him all the best for the future.

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