Our Jubilee Procurement Milestones Competition Winner!

Remember the Queen’s Jubilee? Yes, it all seems so long ago know doesn’t it? Those long, lazy, sunny days of early summer .. OK, we’ve done that joke before I suspect.

But we did run our procurement milestones competition, where we asked for your notable procurement events of the last 60 years, based on the timeline that Trade Interchange produced here. So today we’re announcing our winner.

We had some good entries – here’s a selection:

  • If we’re thinking of articles and publications, then “The Machine That Changed The World” published 1990. (Final Furlong)
  • 5 March 1957 – signing of the Treaty of Rome and within the maximum 3-month challenge timeframe I ‘popped out’ on the 24 June! (Little Acorn)
  • September 1983: Harvard Business Review publishes the Kraljic matrix on purchasing strategy (Rob)
  • England winning the World Cup (Guitar Man) – not quite sure what that’s got to do with procurement!
  • The EU procurement directives 31st March 2004 (Toni)

But the winner, who went to the trouble of producing his own new chart – see the eSourcing Sensei Potted History – was the legend that is, indeed, eSourcing Sensei.  He included milestones such as "the first use of the phrase “Supply Chain Management” accredited to Keith Oliver of Booz Allen Hamilton in an interview with the FT" in 1982 - I didn't know that - as well as the origins of eSourcing, plus of course the release of Dark Side of the Moon and his own birth...

We understand that Mr – or Mrs - Sensei may emerge from their anonymity shortly. But in the meantime, thanks to everyone for your contribution, and we’ll be sending half a dozen bottles of Champagne off to our winner shortly.

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Voices (2)

  1. eSourcingSensei:

    mmmmmmmmm that could be interesting 🙂

  2. Rob:

    Upon reading ‘esourcing sensei’s potted history’ I sense we already know who esourcing sensei is!

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