Jubilee Milestones – final call for competition entries. Champagne!

Ah, that long, hot Jubilee weekend - seems like only last week! Those balmy June days, the warm evenings that felt like they'd last forever...

Well, actually, I've never seen a more appropriate festival headline act as Noah and the Whale at the Applecart Festival we attended on Jubilee Sunday -  because getting out of Victoria Park in Hackney pretty much required an Ark after a day's torrential downpour.

Never mind, we've got the European football to keep us busy and the Olympics to look forward to now. We've got tickets for a morning at the Rowing (not the finals) - looks like we're going to need to leave the house around 5.30am to get there on time given the convoluted transport process. And we only live 15 miles anyway from the venue. Perhaps I can claim to be Steve Redgrave and get special treatment...

Anyway, enough of that, and just a final reminder - only two days left if you want to enter our Jubilee competition - with a real prize and everything (half a case of Champagne). You need to come up with significant procurement milestones during the reign of our glorious Queen, Elizabeth the Second.

See here for more details and thanks again to Trade Interchange for coming up with the idea- you can see their timeline here. We've had some good entries so far, but it's not too late for someone to come up with the killer idea(s)...

You can submit in the "comments" or email me at psmith (at) spendmatters.com

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  1. Toni:

    As per one of your other articles: the acquisition of Ariba by SAP: “but this is the most significant event in procurement software for many years”


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