Kairos – the Danes bravely forecast commodity prices!

Soren Vammen of dilf and Kairos

Soren Vammen is an old acquaintance who has run dilf for some years now – the Danish Purchasing and Logistics Forum, an equivalent of CIPS, although they have focused more on organisations as members rather than the CIPS individual-orientated model.

Vammen is both business-like and a very strong “thinker” about procurement matters.  But he has a new string to his bow now – having not seen him for a couple of years  I was pleasantly surprised to bump into him at a procurement event recently and discover he is now running a new business, “Kairos”, as well as dilf.

Kairos became a company in its own right in 2009, having been developed within dilf, who still have a shareholding along with external investors and staff. The company’s focus is on commodities risk management. That’s obviously a hot topic at the moment – as we said here, the economic turmoil at the moment makes it harder than ever to forecast which way things are going.

Kairos provide information and data to subscribers about a wide range of commodity markets, including metals, energy, plastics, soft and agricultural commodities, shipping (container rates), and currencies. It’s all provided in a web based, user friendly manner, but without any loss of detail or scope.  The information provided includes supply market analysis; business cycle analysis; a supplier cost development tool; news feeds; and a “value at risk” simulation tool.

But it’s not just data – they carry out extensive analysis themselves and firmly stick their heads over the parapet in terms of forecasting prices and market movements, with services such as email alerts for shifts in price trends. Their team of analysts is into double figures now and the list of clients looks impressive, moving well beyond Scandinavia into the UK, Germany and other countries.

Their brochure is here, and Vammen and the team are also producing informative articles for the Dilf magazine and elsewhere, and we’re hoping to feature some of them here. Stay tuned for further thoughts on commodity markets, risk management and other delights...!

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