KPMG Procurement Report – anything new?

KPMG have just published "The Power of Procurement - A global survey of Procurement functions". It's available free to download here.

It surveyed 585 procurement leaders across the world, and comes up with "five key areas where Procurement could be elevating its game to add significant value to the organisation".

We haven't read it properly yet, but the five key areas are (in summary):

Partnering with the organisation: For Procurement to achieve a place at the table, more work should be done to align to key stakeholders and understand the business operations to become a true strategic partner...

Moving beyond cost savings: ... many organisations seem to be struggling to extend their activities proactively into core capabilities such as category management, and beyond into demand management, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and risk management..

Achieving the optimal operating model: Whilst the majority of Procurement organisations have already adopted a more centralised operating model, many still face challenges in translating this into strategic value for their businesses....

Prioritising supply chain risk: Given the events of the past five years – financial crisis, natural disasters and massive supplier failures, to name just a few – the research demonstrates a worrying lack of leadership in the area of supplier risk....

Leveraging systems and technology: Whilst supply chain technology and business systems have evolved rapidly, many Procurement functions seem unable – possibly unwilling – to leverage these new capabilities in order to bring greater automation to the business....

Anything there surprise or excite you? I have to say, that seems like a fairy predictable list. But let's wait till we've all read it thoroughly then we can come back and discuss the report in more detail.

But one immediate thought - the annual Spend Matters Most Complicated Chart in a Procurement Report Award goes to.. this! A small prize to anyone who can explain just what it's trying to communicate...

From KPMG report "The Power of Procurement"


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Voices (4)

  1. Dan:

    Its the next clue that leads to the Holy Grail

  2. David Orr:

    Keep Procurement Managers Guessing?

  3. Rob:

    The answer is 42

  4. bitter and twisted:

    Its a way for KPMG to test the gullibility of new clients.

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