Last Call for Emptoris Public Sector Procurement Breakfast

A final call for anyone interested in attending the Emptoris executive breakfast – focused on public sector procurement - at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, off Whitehall, London, 8am for an 8.30am start on Thursday 21st June (we’ll finish by 10am).  There are literally a couple of places still  available if you are interested - please drop an email now to

I’ll be talking about some of the key issues facing the sector, and what I think public procurement executives should be doing to position themselves as well as possible for the challenging times ahead.  Emptoris will also be talking about some interesting – and important - ideas they have for better use of e-sourcing in the sector.

Just to whet your appetite, one of the subjects I’ll be touching on is the collaboration / centralisation argument. It feels like often discussions around collaboration very quickly turn into a focus on centralising. We need to remember – not just in the public sector, but in large private sector organisations as well  – that the two are not the same. We can have excellent and productive collaboration without jumping into centralising.

Who knows what CLAN stands for? Dr Richard Russill’s invention, CLAN is the “Centre Led Action Network”. I came up with the SCAN concept a few years later – the “Strategically Controlled Action Network”.

In both cases, we were looking for the holy grail of how to get large organisations or groups of organisations to work together in a procurements sense, and get the benefits of scale, without necessarily going as far as centralising everything. (And there were good reasons why neither of us believed that extreme centralisation tended to work). Some of that thinking is, I'd suggest, very relevant today in the public sector debate.

Anyway, these are interesting concepts, to which we may well return now I’m thinking about them! But if you want to hear what all this means for UK public sector procurement in 2012, you can do that on Thursday morning.

I very much hope to see some of you there...

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First Voice

  1. eSourcingSensei:

    Peter I would have loved to attend but am abroad now so have no way of making it.

    I would have been fascinated to hear what Emptoris have up there sleeve and the whole area of public procurement particularly from an external point of view and having spent some time with people from Emptoris and within the public sector discussing where better use and penetration of the eSourcing suite could be made

    So have a great time everyone



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