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Ellie Goulding - what's it all about then?  Dido meets Beth Orton?

Marina and the Diamonds - what's it all about then? The offspring of Hazel O Connor (or is it Lena Lovich?) and Ron Mael?

Look they're both quite interesting if under-developed young songwriters but they've been hothoused to capitalise on the Florence / Boots / La Roux /Gaga young female artiste thing.  I wish them well but....too much too young, man.

What's up with Spotify? Gorillaz, Frightened Rabbit, Ellie Goulding, Joanna Newsom, These New Puritans; all big new releases I wanted to listen to - all not on Spotify.   It's hardly worth the money...oh hang on, its free.  Stop whingeing.

So here's a couple it is worth checking out.  Husky Rescue are Finnish and Ship of Light is melodic, interesting, sparse and chilled out in places, an intelligent pop delight.  With an archetypal ice blond, super cool lead vocalist, well worth a look and a listen.

Retribution Gospel Choir include the lead singer from Low, the quietest and slowest rock band in the world.   RGC is where he lets rip - a good old fashioned guitar rock album with touches of 80s UK as well as Those Crooked Vultures.

And thanks to Mr Shoesmith for this tip - best track of the year so far?  The Foals back with a massive song that bodes well for the new album.  See it here.

I've just placed an Amazon order so reviews to follow of March's purchases.

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