Latest UK GDP and Spend Matters data released

"There were a number of special events associated with 2011 Q2 (UK GDP figures) including; the additional April bank holiday; the royal wedding and the after effects of the Japanese tsunami.....  these (Olympic) payments do not yet count as part of GDP..."

We are of course also somewhat disappointed by the latest reader numbers for Spend Matters UK. However, there were certain special and one-off factors that did affect our numbers for the last quarter. These special factors included;

  • The fine weather in April which meant people spent their time outside instead of sitting in their gloomy houses reading about procurement
  • The rain in May which caused more people to choose foreign holidays on which we believe they are 57.6% less likely to read Spend Matters
  • The Royal Wedding which temporarily caused a mass loss in IQ of some 30 points amongst the British People, rendering then incapable of understanding terms such as “category management”
  • The vast interest in the Olympics, leading to many prospective readers taking up the javelin in a last ditch attempt to get selected for London 2012
  • A really good 3-day rave in a field near Dartmouth
  • Our series of articles on sustainable procurement which may have antagonised readers of traditional views and temporarily reduced reader numbers

However, we are pleased to announce that, had it not been for these special factors, we estimate that Spend Matters UK would have achieved over 3.2 million readers in the last quarter. No trouble.

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