Latest news (or lack of news) on OGC and the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG to its friends…)

Word on the street about the Efficiency and Reform there is no word.

Folk in OGC uncertain about future, but no hint that OGC is being fully rolled into the ERG (as we will no doubt come to know and love it). But the list of ERG activities seems to show major synergies and considerable overlap with (for instance) the OGC Collaborative Procurement team and the group in OGC that looks at major projects, including IT.

In terms of ERG, not clear so far where the resources are going to come from to run it ...John Suffolk, Nigel Smith and I suspect others probably know more about this than anyone I've spoken to, but not a lot leaking out as yet!

I hear there was a considered view that the 'renegotiation of contracts' was a worthwhile long term objective, but others wanted it presented (as it was) as a much more immediate initiative.

Power struggles behind closed Whitehall doors I suspect.

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