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I hear things are moving fast in terms of government procurement.  Expect more to become public next week.  Major constraints on Department's freedom to place contracts, shared services agenda gathering pace, serious drive to centralise contracting, negotiation of  "price reductions from major suppliers" etc. The new Efficiency and Reform Group is going to be a serious organisation I believe.

Very bold stuff from what I've heard; still not clear what the implications are for OGC or indeed public sector procurers generally.  But this is looking like the biggest change in public procurement strategy since..I don't know, the introduction of EU regs?  More significant than the formation of OGC I suspect. I think we're largely talking central government at the moment but we'll see.

I'd be very interested to know what the supply community thinks of this?  Major suppliers being very quiet to date.  Any anonymous comments here very welcome!

And how on earth did Lee win American Idol? Travesty, just like last year..

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