Latest procurement news – August 21st

Kable reports that Cumbria County Council will bring services in house and look at shared services with other councils when their current contract with Capita ends next year.  Is this the harbinger of a move away from large scale public sector outsourcing?  Or will we see more as the budget cuts bite (as most commentators expect?)

Is your procurement job a bit dull?  Sick of the British drizzle? Yet another requisition for copier paper or a new waste paper basket? Why not branch out and apply for an exciting new job!  How about Sierra Leone?  Purchasing Officer for African Minerals Limited - applications close next Friday.  English speaking, average temperature 26 degrees, Tony Blair is a national hero, diamonds, and some cool music....

And the BBC reports that NHS Trusts in the UK spent £300 million last year on professional services (consulting, legal and similar advice).  The figure represents less than half of 1% of the NHS budget but the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, described it as "staggering".  I hope he hasn't created a hostage to fortune, because whatever the policy merits of the changes in the NHS that he has instigated, I cannot see that they can be delivered without quite a lot of external support!  Let's see what that figure looks like in 2 or 3 years time....

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