Latest public procurement news (well, gossip from the Westminster Arms…)

Latest news from Whitehall;

The Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) in Cabinet Office is currently reporting into Alex Allan I'm told.  He's an interesting and impressive chap (see here and here). He is a Permanent Secretary level and his day job is as "Chairman of the Join Intelligence Organisation and Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis" according to the Cabinet Office Website (see page 13 of this, and yes, it does say "join" but let's assume they mean "joint").  I would explain what his job title means but then I'd have to shoot you....

The ERG is looking to recruit a 'COO' (Chief Operating Officer) but people I have spoken to are not at all sure that is going to be Nigel Smith (current OGC CEO).  I believe his original 3 year contract is due to end in September.   I suspect some of our Procurement leaders in Government may have some aspirations for this role but rumours focus on someone who has worked at the very top levels in Government before; it's a game of two halves after all*.

The centralised procurement driven by ERG looks like it will focus on central government only, although not clear how far that penetrates into Agencies and NDPBs, but there doesn't seem to be an appetite in Cabinet Office for including schools, police forces, local authorities etc.  Still much uncertainty in OGC about what is going to happen generally.

And no announcements yet on any major suppliers offering immediate 20% price reductions across their government contracts.....

* clue

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