Latest supply chain news following Japan disaster

A selection of the many reports now emerging in terms of effects on a range of supply chains.

Honda is safeguarding supplies in case of further earthquakes, reports the Telegraph, and has imposed a week-long shut down in its five main Japanese plants. In addition,

Honda has set up an emergency co-ordination centre at its Swindon plant to handle any supply problems resulting from the shutdown of manufacturing operations in Japan.

Meanwhile Reuters reported that prices for chips and other key technology components continued to rise today after yesterday's sharp increases.

Spot prices of NAND flash chips extended gains on Tuesday, rising nearly 3 percent after a 20 percent jump on Monday, while DRAM memory chip prices gained 0.2 percent on top of a 7 percent rise on Monday, according to price tracker DRAMeXchange.

And the implications aren't restricted to high technology products. ProPrint reports that supplies of paper coming out of Japan to customers in Australia and New Zealand will be disrupted.

Nippon Paper is a major supplier to the local paper market, with Australian Paper telling ProPrint the Australian market receives roughly 100,000 tonnes per year from the Japanese paper maker.

Nippon confirmed that four of its seven sites, including its flagship Ishinomaki mill, ceased production. Damage includes collapsed ceilings, influx of soil and sand sediment and damaged stock.

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    It should describe need assessments according to the affected people, area the condition of the supporting teams, how they operate the needs. Be happy and improve the lives of the affected people !

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