Leadership the Booby Moore way

This week saw the 20th anniversary of the death of Bobby Moore, England's 1966 World Cup football captain. He has been rightly held up to be a great ambassador for the sport and a true gentleman. I can vouch for that, having had the pleasure of meeting him in 1992. I used to play golf (20 handicap) before setting up my own business (and by the way, anyone who thinks "going out on their own" will give you lots of time for golf or other social stuff - didn't work for me! Haven’t played for 3 years now).

Bobby MooreBy sheer luck, I was part of a team with two other very good players in a golf day, and we got through to the final of a major company golf event. At the national final, there were a fairly random selection of "celebrities" invited along. I'd done a couple of these previously, and I usually seemed to get teamed up with an actor who had “played a copper in The Bill”.

On this occasion, I was amazed and terrified to be told that our team's celebrity was, in fact, Bobby Moore. In all honesty, I could barely hold my 3 iron on the first tee, let alone hit a decent shot..

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